How to target information to an ad server?

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While ads targeting is performed within the ad server, Kaltura’s VAST advertising module is designed to pass all the relevant targeting information to the ad server.

Targeting information can be set in several levels:

  • Targeting per player and ad slot – you can add additional key value pairs within the adtag URL. The ad server will use these for targeting.
  • Targeting per content item - The Kaltura VAST module supports dynamic pulling of metadata from the content item, and passes it to the ad server.
    For example for targeting a specific content category.

To target information to the ad server

  1. Drag content items into the category within the KMC.

  2. Define the additional parameter in your ad server.
    For example in OpenX set the “category” parameter through “Site - Variable”
  3. Add category template category={mediaProxy.entry.categories} into the AdTag URL. At runtime this template will be populated with the actual values for each video played.

    The following targeting templates are available for targeting




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