How to set up captions for display?

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You will need to enable captions in your player or select a player with captions already enabled. 

To enable captions for display during playback

  1. Go to the Studio menu, and select Player or Create New Player.
  2. Select a player and select Edit from the drop down menu.
  3. In the Edit Player window, select the Features tab.
  4. Scroll down and select Subtitles and Transcriptions.
  5. Check one of the following:
    Captions on video -
    The subtitles/captions will be displayed as an overlay at the bottom of the video area. You can control the area where the captions will appear on the player.
    Audio Description -
    Provides an audio description track for hard of hearing viewers.
    Captions for accessibility
    – Creates a dedicated area under the video area to display captions. Check this option if you intend to use the 508 Player.
  6. Click Options to modify the text style and background. 
  7. Click Apply.

 Note these instructions are for verisons prior to Iris. For instructions to enable captions for disaplay on versions Iris an onwards please see here.

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