How to define the contribution policy in the KMC and KMS

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Contribution Policy

The contribution policy option defines which end-users can add content to this category through applications. The applicative permission to publish in MediaSpace’s shared Galleries is set from the MediaSpace Application Role of the user. See the Kaltura MediaSpace Setup Guide for more information. The category contribution policy adds the ability to have this type of authorization for publishing content in specific galleries/channels. 

The Category Contribution Policy options are:

  • No Restriction – With this option, any end-user authorized to publish content in MediaSpace can publish content in the gallery/channel associated with this category. In MediaSpace this option is used in shared galleries to which every user with a MediaSpace Admin Application Role can add content to, and in Open Channels to which all MediaSpace users with content can add their content to. 
  • Private - With this option, only end-users with specific permission to add content to this category are able to add content to it. In MediaSpace this option is used in Restricted/Private Channels.