How to Create a Transcoding Profile?

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To create/add a transcoding profile
  1. Select the Settings tab and then select Transcoding Settings.
  2. On the lower left corner, click on Switch to Advanced Mode.
  3. Click Add Profile.
    Add new transcoding profile
    The Add New Transcoding Profile window is displayed.  You can view the available transcoding flavors, or add new Transcoding Profiles and create profiles for different use cases.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the Transcoding Profile.
  5. Select the flavors out of the available flavors on your account, to apply to the source video you upload.
    The flavors you select become active. 
  6. Edit the flavor’s options. (Optional). Click on an active flavor name to open the flavor settings in this Transcoding Profile.
    For extra fast publishing, set the Impact On Entry Readiness field to Required, for the minimum set of flavors and the rest of the flavors to Optional.(optional.
    Use this option to publish your content even faster.
  7. Enter the Entry ID for the Default Metadata Settings. (optional)
    The entry metadata fields will be added to the transcoding profile and every new entry that will be transcoded using the profile, will include those metadata fields. (You can create a “Metadata template”.)Transcoding Settings
  8. Select the Remote storage name, for linking new entries to media assets located on your CDN or remote storage, if applicable,  to your workflow . Otherwise he this feature will be disabled with a N/A indication.
  9. Click Create New to create the profile.
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