How to configure mid-roll ads?

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Midrolls and overlays are cuepoints that are defined on an entry level in the player configuration section of the Studio Advertising tab.

To add a mid-roll ad

  1. Configure the Player Advertising Settings.
  2. Select the Content Tab and select an entry.
  3. Select the Advertisements tab.
  4. Select the method to obtain the midroll add from the File Actions drop down menu.
  5. Choose the granularity level for the time-based display. The choices are:
    1. 100%
    2. 5 sec
    3. 1 sec
    4. Frames.

  6. Identify the exact scene or frame to display the advertisement and insert a cue.
    This can be done on the timeline:

  7. To edit a cue point, select whether the advertisement will be a video or an overlay.
    1. For a video - the entry will stop playing, the ad will play, and then the entry will resume.
    2. For an overlay - while the entry is playing, a banner will appear on the screen. The entry never stops playing.
  8. For both video and overlay, there are 2 options in the provider section:  VAST and OTHER. VAST allows a user to insert a VAST ad tag URL. OTHER is for customers who have created a custom plugin that allows for creating cue points Other, does NOT refer to existing ad plugins such as Tremor,, etc.
  9. If you select overlay, the display time will be indicated next to the Overlay option:

    You can modify the amount of time you want the overlay to appear on the video using the up and down arrows.
  10. To apply the selected cue points to the player, create a new player or edit an existing one under the “Studio” tab. Within the advertisement portion of the player, make sure that the “Request Ads From Entry’s Cuepoints” is set to “Yes”.
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