How to build the KDP3 in Flash Builder?

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Building the KDP in a Flash builder involves a standard Flash Builder project import.

To build the KDP in a Flash builder

  1. Get Adobe Flash Builder 4.
  2. Checkout the KDP 3 project trunk using your svn client of choice. or download the project bundle from the project page.
  3. You should import the two projects inside the trunk into Flash Builder:
    1. Right click the navigation panel.
    2. Import...
    3. Choose the project to import (KDP_3 or kdp3Lib) and click Finish.
    4. Do the same for both projects.
  4. Make sure you have Flex 3.4 SDK version installed, if not, you should download and install it for Flash Player 10.
  5. Right click the KDP_3 project, and click Build Project.

That's it, you're all set and ready to write KPD 3 plugins.

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