How to add captions to an entry?

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You can add multiple captions files to each entry. For example, you can create subtitles captions in multiple languages and label each language.

To assign a caption file to an entry

  1. Select the Contents tab and click on an entry.
  2. Select the Captions tab.
  3. Click Add Another Caption.
  4. Select the Type. Choose SRT or DXFP.
  5. Either paste an external URL in the File Location or click Upload File and upload an SRT or DFXP file from your computer.
  6. Assign a Language to the caption from the drop down menu.
  7. Enter a Label that will appear in the player’s captions drop-down menu. For example: Japanese.
  8. In the Actions column click Set as Default.(optional – use for multiple languages)
  9. Select Add Another Caption to add additional captions files and repeat steps 4 to 7.
  10. Click Save.
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