Creating a Live Stream Entry in Kaltura Using the KMC

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To create a Live Stream entry in the KMC

  1. Login into the KMC and click on the Upload tab, then click on "Live Stream Entry".

    The Add New Stream window is displayed.
  2. Configure the live stream attributes according to your preferences.

    Live Stream Type

    Kaltura Live Streaming (HDS / HLS / DASH) – This is the default and recommended live streaming type. Kaltura Live Streaming services are provisioned within the Kaltura data centers. Cloud transcoding, extended DVR window, live to VOD recording with a single embed code, instant provisioning, and multi-protocol delivery are supported.  Depending on your live streaming package, simultaneous cloud transcoding may be restricted.

    Manual Live Stream URLs - This mode allows you to associate custom live external URLs with a Kaltura live entry. This option is useful if you are using a 3rd party to provision and broadcast a live stream.


    The name of the stream that will appear in the KMC entries list. This attribute is required, minimum is 5 characters.


    A description of the stream/channel (Optional).

    Live Transcoding Profile

    Select a transcoding profile from the drop down list. The available options are Cloud Transcode and Pass-through. For more information see How to Set Transcoding Profiles for Live Streaming.

    Cloud Transcode – This option enables cloud transcoding for this live entry. A single bitrate coming from your encoder will be transcoded in the Kaltura cloud into multi-bitrate flavors. The default cloud transcoding profile includes the source stream along with transcoded flavors. You can set additional transcoding profiles for live streaming. 
    To customize transcoding profiles or broadcast multiple cloud-transcode streams simultaneously, please contact your Kaltura account manager.

    Pass-through - This option enables pass-through mode for this live entry. Kaltura will deliver the stream(s) from your encoder without re-encoding.

    Enable Live DVR

    Check this to enable Live DVR. Live DVR provides the ability to seek back within the live stream up to 2 hours prior to the current live point. The DVR duration can be extended up to 24 hours. To extend the time, please contact your Kaltura account manager.

    Enable Recording

    Check this to enable recording of the live stream into a VOD available for later viewing.  Select one of the following options:

    • Append the recorded content to a single entry - This option appends any live stream recording into the same VOD. Choose it if want to append several live events into one recording.
    • Create new Entries for each broadcast session - This option creates a new VOD for each broadcast session. In this mode each live event is recorded in a different VOD.
      • To split recordings between broadcast sessions, we recommend to stop broadcasting for at least 5 minutes before starting a new event. Otherwise the system assumes an accidental disconnect and will continue appending the recorded content.


    1) Recordings are limited to 24 hours. After 24 hours, recording will stop.

    2) Recording is done on the account's primary data center. make sure you're streaming to the primary RTMP URL 


    Uncheck this option to enable the Preview Live feature (Beta) Otherwise, broadcasting will automatically go live when you start the encoder. Autostart is enabled by default.

  3. Click "Create Live Stream" to create the live entry ID.



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