Are Backward Compatibility and Tracking Version Changes Maintained When Developing API Based Kaltura Applications

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API upgrades and backward compatibility is a common concern for developers utilizing APIs to build applications. 

Kaltura's client libraries are automatically generated from the server code, that include an automatic client libraries' generator mechanism. See Kaltura API Client Libraries Generator for more information. As a result, the Kaltura API client libraries are not available as a static code repository that you can track for changes.

To keep up to date with the changes between releases, follow the Kaltura API Twitter account

For each Kaltura release, the Kaltura API Twitter account notifies followers about additions and changes made to the REST APIs, Players APIs, and changes to the Client Libraries. A link is provided to the Knowledge Center Release Notes (See All Versions Release Notes) which contain the latest up to date information.

Kaltura API based applications do not require frequent updates to the client library used. Kaltura is committed to provide full backward computability to the API layer, keeping deprecated APIs functional, and ensuring that additions or changes introduced in new versions will not break existing applications. 

When new functionalities for your applications are introduced, or when maintainance upgrades are made to your applications, we encourage you to keep your client libraries updated even though an upgrade based on the availability of new Kaltura releases is not required.

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