Configuring the Tremor Media 3rd Party Ad Plugin

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Tremor Media is an ad network that acts as a connector between ad companies/servers and their customers. Tremor Media connects with numerous ad sources and partners from a single control center and works with their customers to provide the appropriate ads from the appropriate ad servers.

To configure the TremorMedia plugin

  1. Go to your Tremor account; define ads, scheduling, targeting, etc. on the Tremor end.
  2. Go to the Studio tab and edit an existing player or create a new one.
  3. Select the Advertising tab.
  4. Enable ads for the selected player.
  5. Select Tremor as the Ad Source.
  6. In the key=value section, enter the policy ID. Type in progId=[policy ID].

    NOTE: TremorMedia allows users to utilize other ad sources.

    NOTE: Tremor also allows users to utilize a different ad source as a fallback.

    The Tremor plugin is in charge of displaying specific ads, and all the configurations are done on the Tremor end.

Tremor Media added functionality

The following lists functionality that has been added to the Tremor plugin.




Passing dynamic data

By inserting specific key-value pairs in the uivars, a Kaltura partner can define that any Kaltura metadata gets passed to TremorMedia via the TremorMedia plugin. Then, using the Tremor ad server, the partner can decide how to target ads via the metadata.

To enable this functionality, a custom ad path must be inserted into the uiconf.


:  <var key="customAd.paramKey1" value="duration" />     <var key="customAd.paramValue1" value="{mediaProxy.entry.duration}" />     <var key="customAd.paramKey2" value="entryId" />     <var key="customAd.paramValue2" value="{}" />     <var key="customAd.paramKey3" value="categories" />     <var key="customAd.paramValue3" value="{mediaProxy.entry.categories}" />     <var key="customAd.paramKey4" value="ContentRating" />     <var key="customAd.paramValue4" value="{mediaProxy.entryMetadata.ContentRating}" />     <var key="requiredMetadataFields" value="true" />

Note: The ContentRating custom data field, has a slightly different value from the rest of the metadata.

Internal companion ads 

The ability to insert a companion ad directly on the list part of the playlist.

The companion ad must be inserted as a custom ad path via the uiconf or via additional parameters and plugins.


Capping ads

A Kaltura partner can cap ads via the KMC based on the creation date.

To configure the Tremor plugin with the startDateOffset, with the parameter key maxAge, add the following 2 attributes to the XML (if the file is maintained manually):

paramKey1="duration" paramValue1="{tremor.createdAtOffset}"

or the equivalent uivars/flashvars line


This is based on the assumption that the Tremor xml node has the id  set to 'tremor '. If using a studio player the id would be 'customAd'.