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Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint 2013 Deployment Guide for On-Premise

This guide describes how to deploy the Kaltura Video Extension for SharePoint 2013 on-Premise. If you are a SharePoint professional you will find the deployment process for the Kaltura Video Extension is very similar to other SharePoint solution deployments. This guide is intended for SharePoint administrators.

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How To Handle Kaltura Server Notifications in PHP

Often applications require the ability to respond to asynchronous events that occurred on the Kaltura server. For example, when a Media Entry was uploaded, finished transcoding or any other status update. This guide will take you through the steps of listening to these events, called Event Notifications, how to parse the data carried in these notifications and respond properly in your applications.

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Federated Search for MediaSpace and KAF-based Applications

Overview of the Federated Search for KMS and KAF-based Applications

As adoption of Kaltura products like MediaSpace and KAF-based extensions continues to grow, there is increasing demand to make content published in these applications discoverable in other customer properties. These fall, traditionally, into two main “Intranet” categories: 

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