CaptureSpace Enterprise Installation for Windows

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Administrators can deploy CaptureSpace widely across the organization using the Enterprise Install. The Enterprise Install supports deployment for Windows computers via SCCM or other software management tools. 

With Enterprise Install, the application is installed once for all users of the computer. This requires admin permissions for installation. Upload is performed via a dedicated service that works in the background, even after a user logs off. 

Enterprise Install can be a great fit for deployment on shared workstations, computer labs, or managed laptops. 


NOTE: Since the MSI installs services and application for all users, you need to run the MSI in administrator and elevated privileges.

Kaltura Specific Properties

INSTALLFOLDER – The directory where the application should be installed. If not specified, the application will be installed under Program Files. 

INSTALLDESKTOPSHORTCUT – Enforce creation of a desktop shortcut for the application.


Changing Installation Directory

msiexec /i <msi filename> INSTALLFOLDER="<directory for installation>"


msiexec /i KalturaCaptureSpaceEnterprise.Setup.msi  INSTALLFOLDER="C:\Example\"


Force Desktop Shortcut

msiexec /i <msi filename> INSTALLDESKTOPSHORTCUT=1


msiexec /i KalturaCaptureSpaceEnterprise.Setup.msi  INSTALLDESKTOPSHORTCUT=1


Quiet Install

msiexec /i <msi filename> /quiet /qn /norestart


msiexec /i KalturaCaptureSpaceEnterprise.Setup.msi /quiet /qn /norestart


Quiet Uninstall

msiexec /x <msi filename> /quiet /qn /norestart


msiexec /x KalturaCaptureSpaceEnterprise.Setup.msi /quiet /qn /norestart

Roaming Profiles

When installing, the administrator can select Optimize for roaming when installing on a roaming profiles envionment. User’s profile data will be saved in Appdata/Roaming when this option is selected.  

Logs and Slides folder are also created in Roaming folders and do not need to be synchronized. The application attempts to clear out slides folder after exit. We recommend excluding the following folders for roaming via Group Policy:

  • \AppData\Roaming\Kaltura\Lecture Capture\Slides
  • \AppData\Roaming\Kaltura\Lecture Capture\Log
Administrators should ensure the custom media location is accessible from all user accounts and should have read-write access to this media location. 

Command Line Options

Optimize for Roaming


Custom Media Location (required for roaming install)


Custom Installation Directory


Create Desktop Icons


Custom Design for Titles and Credits

With the CaptureSpace Enterprise Deployment option, administrators can add custom designs for titles and credits. 

Add a Custom Design

To add a custom design for titles and credits, admins will need to create and deploy a file called custom.xml along with the corresponding images to <install path>\Kaltura\Service\VideoTemplates. The custom.xml file should have the following structure: 

  • ID should be a new, unique GUID
  • DownloadUrl is the image filename placed in the same folder. Image filename name should be same as the unique GUID above. Make sure extension matches that of the image.
  • MD5 field should be left empty. 
  • For file size and checksum of the image, SHA256 and file size fields can be used. To skip this check use * as the value for SHA256 and 0 for file size.
  • HexColor defines the font color
  • The text area is where the title field will appear. To align text, set the top, left, bottom and right as percentages of the image width and height.  


NOTE: The CaptureSpace client application will need to be closed and relaunched to show the new custom slides. 


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