Editing Captions - REACH v2

This section describes how to edit captions.

There are two ways to access the Captions Editor freom the Edit entry window.

  • Actions menu - Select Captions Requests
  • Actions menu - Select Edit - This option is available only when your admin has configured the Captions Editor button on your account.

Shortcuts are available to edit captions. See Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Moderating Caption Requests and General Statistics - REACH v2

The Captions' Dashboard

The default Captions Dashboard opens with:

  • The line of credit available for ordering Kaltura services.
  • Option for detailed information – graph of the total requests and their statuses
  • Download icon – to download a report of the requested service orders.
  • The Filters Section
  • Moderation Section
  • Usage information

The Captions Dashboard may be used to:

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