Kaltura CE V5.0 - Getting Started

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These instructions are applicable for Kaltura CE version 5.0.x.

Congratulations on setting up your Kaltura CE!

To get started with your Kaltura CE, you should familiarize yourself with the following applications:

  • Kaltura Administration Console - This is the Kaltura platform administration tool, usually used by Kaltura Video Platform system administrator/s.
  • Kaltura Management Console (KMC) - This is the Kaltura console for content management and publishing. Every publisher that is registered into your online video platform, should have their own KMC account.


To start working with the Kaltura CE:

Go to your Local Kaltura CE Start Page

After successfully installing Kaltura CE, browse to your local Kaltura CE start page at: http://yourdomainname/start.
From the start page you can obtain useful information about the Kaltura CE, learn how to use the information, as well as links to your Kaltura Admin Console application, your Kaltura Management Console, and to other pages in your Kaltura CE installation. Logging into your Kaltura Administration Console for creating a KMC account should be your first step for getting started with the Kaltura CE.


Log into the Kaltura Administration Console to Create your First KMC Account

From the Kaltura Admin Console, you can create your own "Publisher KMC account" for managing your content (Go to the Add New Publisher tab under the Publishers menu ).
Complete the form with the required information and specifically set the email address of this KMC account's administrator. This email address will be used as the username for logging into the new KMC account.
Assuming your mail server is running, your KMC administrator will receive a registration confirmation notification to their mailbox with full KMC account credentials
You can check that the new KMC account is available within the Publisher Management tab. You as the platform administrator are able to seamlessly manage all the KMC accounts that are registered within your platform from the Publisher Management page, within the Administration Console. (Select the Manage action to enter each publisher's KMC account.)


Log into your New KMC Account

When your KMC account administrator gets their new KMC account credentials, they can log into their account and start uploading content, managing content, design and set new player widgets, set their publishing settings etc.

The direct URL to your Kaltura Management Console is http://yourdomainname/kmc
For more information on the functionalities available in the Kaltura Management Console (KMC), please refer to the KMC User Manual. (A PDF version is available at the top-right corner of the KMC menu.)

The direct URL to your Kaltura Admin Console Application is http://yourdomainname/admin_console
For more information about using Kaltura Admin Console, please refer to the Kaltura CE documentation.


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